iPhone 4S not doing too well in South Korea

It appears that although Apple decided to let down many of the iOS faithful by not delivering the full-fledged iPhone 5, its replacement, the iPhone 4S has done well and been accepted by the Apple faithful mainly due to the inclusion of the Siri voice assistant feature; however word is the iPhone 4S has not been so easily welcomed in South Korea.

According to the guys over at 9to5 Mac, the Korea Times is reporting a rather lacklustre greeting for the iPhone 4S in South Korea with local carriers KT and SK telecom struggling to reach the promised sales targets for the Apple smartphone.

We already know the iPhone 4S has been a great seller in the United Sates shifting in excess of 4 million over the first weekend of release, and we have even seen frenzied queuing in Hong Kong for that latest iOS smartphone.

But when it comes to South Korea customers aren’t in such a hurry to snap up the iPhone 4S with carriers apparently selling less than 150,000 pre-orders since the November 4th release of the device.

As a result, both carriers intend to start retail sales of the iPhone 4S this week, which is ahead of schedule in order to shift inventories and hopefully reach those sales targets promised to Apple.

Apple fan Park Yeon-gee who uses the iPhone 4 says he dropped his plan to purchase the iPhone 4S because the device is not “wholly-new” and there are big issues relating to the hardware, and is very disappointed by the “uncompetitive” iPhone 4S.

Officials and experts have also sated that the lack of 4G LTE in the iPhone 4SS is another reason uptake has been slow as many desire a 4G LTE enabled smartphone.

Banker Kim Ki-Hong says apart from Siri the iPhone 4S doesn’t offer any “wow factors” and has opted to purchase a Samsung LTE smartphone.

So there you go it looks like in South Korea at least the iPhone 4S isn’t as great as everyone thinks it is, and Apple doesn’t help matters by continually playing the catch up game especially when it comes to 4G LTE.

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