Ice Cream Sandwich love for T-Mobile G1: video

I said in a post the other day that every Android smartphone out there in the mobile space is simply begging for some Android Ice Cream Sandwich love when I posted about ICS being ported to the Motorola Triumph, and it appears that the assumption is right, as the very first Android smartphone to hit the streets has now also got some Android Ice cream Sandwich love, and we have video evidence for your viewing consideration below.

Since the Google guy’s made the Android 4.0 source code available the community has been busily porting the OS to other devices, and the T-Mobile G1 is the latest handset to play with Ice Cream Sandwich.

The Android Ice Cream Sandwich on HTC G1 video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Phone Arena and by way of XDA-developers member jcarrz1, and delivers minute and a half of Android 4.0.1 running on the aforementioned G1.

In the footage you will note that the port doesn’t look that usable right now and is somewhat choppy, but one does have to take into consideration the T-Mobile G1 only packs a 528MHz single core processor and screen rotation, Bluetooth and WiFi are missing.

Still one does have to same that getting Ice Cream sandwich to boot on the first Android smartphone is quite an accomplishment in itself, so head on down and mash that play button to check out ICS on the T-Mobile G1, and I’d turn down the volume if you don’t want to listen to the very annoying background music…enjoy.

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