Battling Motorola Droid RAZR vs Droid 4

Motorola may to some have taken a back seat against the likes of Samsung and Apple, but things may be about to change with the introduction of the new Droid 4 as well as the newly released Droid RAZR running on Android.

Both being carried along with the big red US carrier Verizon, we wanted to know if given the choice, what out of the two would be your chosen preference? Motorola’s Droid RAZR or Droid 4. To be honest if the Droid 4 specs are anything to go by, then there isn’t really a great many differences, barr the screen size downsizing to 4-inches instead of the RAZR’s 4.3-inch display, with a change from a Super AMOLED display to that of the qHD display technology which will be seen on the Droid 4.

Matching specs as pcworld.com quite rightly pointed out, are that of Verizon’s 4G LTE support, 1.2GHz dual core processor, 1GB of RAM, 8 megapixel rear camera and front-facing and so on. But don’t be fooled into thinking that the two are almost identical. One of the major differences between the two Droids is that the 4 will include a slide out 5-row keyboard with the benefit of backlighting.

Its worth also pointing out that accessories for the new Droid 4 are also becoming apparent with an HD Dock and Station, in-car navigation dock, wireless keyboard with trackpad or why not use a 100 or 500 Pro Lapdock which if already bought, will be compatible with the new Droid 4 smartphone.

So as you can see, there may only be slight differences, but does the Droid 4’s slide out keyboard give the RAZR the edge?

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