Best iPhone 4S Case Wallet aka Casellet: Project

Lose the wallet and grab a CASELLET! As cell-phones become a more personal device, many companies are creating apps or software’s that increase the capabilities and convenience on all mobile platforms.

Things like the NFC Payment System or Siri are drastically going to change the way we utilize our mobile devices. Unfortunately the hard goods for the amazing iPhone4/S have not moved at the same pace. CASELLET, hopefully, is a step in the right direction to bringing a product that’s simple, convenient, and keeps the same attractive features of the iPhone.

While there certainly are iPhone4/S wallet cases on the market, most of them fail to provide the total package. Some hard cases can store cards well, but fail to store cash or conceal the items. Most leather wallets cases store cards and cash well, but fail to look sleek while also obstructing the front of the phone for easy access to calls, texts and emails.

CASELLET was designed to solve all of these problems. The popular thin case design allows the front display to be easily accessible just like there’s no case at all. The wallet portion holds 3 cards, stores cash (without having to fold it into an origami swan) and conceals all items. The brush metal or wood backing adds a modern and elegant feel to the phone. All of this is completed with just adding 8mm to the back of the phone case, which is just about the equivalent to the aluminum frame on the iPhone4/S.

Many people don’t need more than a few cards and a small stack of cash for everyday use. It accommodates many lifestyles and can make your day-to-day errands just a bit more convenient. I encourage everyone to check out CASELLET.

This is a great project, so far it has 91 backers, $5,341 pledged of $22,000 goal, 16 days to go. For more information please head on over to Kick Starter, you can also watch the video below of the product itself.


One thought on “Best iPhone 4S Case Wallet aka Casellet: Project”

  1. Seattleinfo says:

    I like the general idea. I also like the other similar case (ilidMK-1) also on Kickstarter from a team out of Australia. As is common…I like aspects of both! Goodluck to them both.

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