Facebook phone not really wanted?

For as long as I can remember in the mobile space there has been rumours of a Facebook phone on the horizon, and yes we have already seem a couple of devices claiming to be Facebook phones in the HTC Salsa and HTC Status, and most recently word of a real Facebook phone called the Buffy, but is a Facebook phone really wanted?

Well according to the guys over at AllThingsD, apparently not that many are interested in having a Facebook phone according to a recent survey of AllThingsD readers that took in some 1500 readers and asked the question “would you buy a Facebook phone.”

According to the guys poll only 7.52 percent of those polled actually would like a Facebook phone, whilst a whopping 80.98 percent said they have no interest in a Facebook handset whilst 11.49 percent voted they would possibly be interested.

Of course 1500 people isn’t a great number when it comes to an overall view on whether a Facebook phone is really wanted, but it does go someway in showing that maybe, just maybe it’s about time the Facebook phone was finally put to rest.

However, on the other hand, whether a Facebook phone would be a success I guess depends on what the device has to offer in the way of other specifications, camera, processor, operating system and the like.

So we’d like to ask our own readership out there if the possibility of a real full on Facebook phone, Buffy or otherwise interests them enough to want the device and go and purchase it if it ever hits the streets? Feel free to voice your opinions of a Facebook phone to our comments area below.

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