One fake Nokia N9 to rule them all: video

Taking a leaf out of The Lord of the Rings, with rather than one ring to rule them all, it appears that the Chinese cloners have created a clone Nokia N9 and one device to rule them all, as the special thing about this particular knockoff Nokia N9 is the device actually has seven operating systems, and we have video evidence for your viewing consideration below.

The video footage of the fake Nokia N9 handset with seven operating systems comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Pocklet-lint and apparently the device was found in Shanzai, China and solves the problem of making your mind up which mobile platform to pick to some extent.

So what mobile operating systems does this fake Nokia N9 offer the user? Well would you believe iOS 5, Samsung TouchWiz, BlackBerry, Symbian Anna, HTC Sense, Meego and Windows Phone 7.

Apparently apart form being able to switch operating systems, other specs on the handset aren’t so exciting, 3.8-inch WQVGA resistive touch screen rather than the real Nokia N9’s AMOLED display, a 1.3 megapixel camera rather than an 8 megapixel as found on the real Nokia N9, but the device does offer dual SIM card functionality.

Have to say, many have wondered if or when the mobile makers would actually come up with a smartphone that could run multiple operating systems, so one does have to say that if the cloners can accomplish it then why not give the mobile space a real high-end device that can run whatever OS one desires?

Who knows, maybe sometime in the future all devices will give the option to run whichever operating system the users wants to user regardless of maker, anyway for now head on down and mash that play button to check out the fake Nokia N9 running 7 OSs…enjoy.

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