BlackBerry PlayBook hits below $100 mark with a catch

Well now, although Research In Motion’s first tablet, the BlackBerry PlayBook isn’t doing too well when it comes to sales, it appears that RIM has finally taken the same route as HP took with the HP TouchPad and is now offering the BlackBerry Playbook under the 100 buck mark, an at that price point has to be taken into consideration one would think.

According to an article over on Ubergizmo by way of the Washington Post and The Verge, Research In Motion is offering the BlackBerry PlayBook 16GB model for just $99; however there is a bit of a catch in as much as you have to be a RIM employee to purchase one.

And old RIM has made sure only employees can obtain the BlackBerry slate for 99-bucks by setting up a special corporate portal.

However I figure that if you really want a BlackBerry PlayBook and are willing to hand over that $99 and if you have a RIM employee as a friend then it might pay to ask if they would pick one up for you this festive season.

If you prefer a 32GB PlayBook it will set you back a further 50-bucks and if you opt for the 64GB BlackBerry PlayBook then the price will be $199, and apparently RIM employees are only allowed to order up to eight of the slates.

So as an employee doesn’t really need eight PlayBook’s then obviously RIM believes employees will purchase for other people, so chances are if you are on friendly terms with an employee you stand a good chance of getting a 99-buck BlackBerry PlayBook.

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