Apple iCam perfect for iPhone 5, photography bliss

Whilst the world of technology moves on at a drastic rate, no one will ever forget the contribution that the late Steve Jobs gave to past and more recent devices. With an autobiography out there, three of the key markets that Jobs wanted to explore were that of television, textbooks and a new area of photography.

With the subject of textbooks already on the agenda and rumours of a new Apple TV in the works, the only topic of discussion left is that of “taking images.” The Cali company’s new iPhone 4S has of course included a new 8 megapixel camera into the mix which is undoubtedly wowing a huge audience of fans, but with an iPhone 5 device still rumoured to debut next year, will this be the time that technology will advance further with its photography in mind.

ADR Studios as idownloadblog.com reported, have come up with a design concept concentrating on this very feature for the new iPhone 5. As you can see from the image directly at the top, the mobile handset would then be changed into a “point and shoot” device. The “iCam” design from ADR have taken into consideration an accessory add-on with a 10.1 megapixel sensor, with an “ISO range as 9to5.com reported from 100 to 3200 giving full High Definition at 60fps. Other features would include an LED flash, Pico-Projector, motion sensor, zoom lens, Bluetooth and so on.

As to the iPhone 5 actually releasing with an add-on like the iCam, is anybody’s guess, but here the expression “never say never” springs to mind.

What are your thoughts on the iCam, would you be interested?

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