iPhone 4S vs Galaxy Nexus cameras, supremacy?

South Korean company Samsung and Californian Apple have this year been battling it out, whether it’s in court fighting over patents or in retailer stores in the quest for smartphone supremacy. Within the last quarter of this year, Samsung have introduced their new Galaxy Nexus with impressive 4.65-inch screen, with Apple releasing their new iPhone 4S with added features such as Siri voice recognition, A5 dual core processor and the introduction of iOS 5 OS.

With two massive contenders side by side, we wanted to look at how they fair in terms of their camera size and capability. First off if we tell you that this year Apple have wowed their new and existing audience, with the introduction of an 8 megapixel camera compared to that of the Galaxy Nexus packing a smaller 5 megapixel.

Although as cmvlive.com keenly pointed out, Apple take the lead in terms of higher pixel resolutions, we mustn’t forget that both companies offer users the benefit of 1080p video recording, LED flash, geo-tagging, autofocus and the impressive introduction of Face Detection.

On taking a video recording, the iPhone 4S wins over the Galaxy Nexus with video stabilization, but let’s not forget there’s a new iOS 5 OS offering over 200 new features, Siri voice activation, retina display, although here the Galaxy Nexus does have the edge with a higher resolution screen.

As we always say when comparing handsets against one another, it really comes down to personal preference but on paper the iPhone 4S just takes the biscuit with camera capability.

Do you agree, are you an avid Apple fan or perhaps the Galaxy Nexus has wowed you?


11 thoughts on “iPhone 4S vs Galaxy Nexus cameras, supremacy?”

    1. DillyDaDally says:

      If you’re wondering why people have an opinion of iOS users as sheep, it’s comments like these (sorry Djtrueman, no offense meant, just trying to make a general point and your comment shows it).  It doesn’t matter if a better phone does come out – many people have already decided what phone they’re getting and they’re blind to any advantages the competitor may have.  They show a predisposition to Apple no matter the true circumstances.  

  1. Youallsheep says:

    Its the sensor not the MP in the camera that’s important, how the hell does iphone 4s win? Stale boring os, look at ice cream to ios5 if not for siri its a dud, ice cream looks and feels way better ..

  2. steve says:

    “.. and the impressive introduction of Face Detection”?
    My HTC Desire had Face Detection for up to 5 faces in March 2010. As does the Desire HD. And Desire S. And Desire HD 2.

    It really detracts from the impressiveness

  3. DillyDaDally says:

    In my opinion and from the research I’ve done, I think the Galaxy Nexus beats the iPhone in nearly every category, the camera and Siri perhaps being the only exceptions (And I’m a current iPhone user and have been since they came out).  Also, I’m pretty sure the Galaxy Nexus does have video stabilization and also has a faster shutter speed over the iPhone 4s, but from the pictures I’ve seen, I think the iPhone’s camera is a better quality camera.

  4. Apple Lovers are like sheep, for years they have been gaga over iPhones, iPads, iPods Even though Apple products have led the industry with things that don’t work as promised, or just plain don’t work.This is why they all fit under the name iCrap

  5. Craig Wood says:

    Ive had my Nexus a week now. The screen on this thing makes the iphone look like a calculator! It might only be 5meg camera but its super fast and lots of features like recording video and taking pictures at the same time. It also has a faster browser.
    And as for Siri, all it ever says is I dont understand you haha! And it needs perfect network reception otherwise its so slow its useless. The Galaxy is the clear winner. It wont be until the iphone5 comes out that Apple will be back in the game.

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