Skyrim skill and story books on iPhone/iPad/Kindle

Gamers everywhere are swimming in the vastly encapsulating world known as Skyrim, with its massive maps and endless landscapes full of people to meet and things to do. The game has brought a whole new level to role-play video gaming.

A lot of the excitement surrounding the game is down to the amount of interaction you can have within your surroundings. As some players may have found moving around the land of Skyrim, when checking out houses and other property, there is the option to pick up and read certain books. Some books can help you level up your skills, by granting you a quest, these are the skills books. Other books are simply stories that give you an insight into the history of Tamriel.

Now when you’re into your game do you really need to be standing there reading, wouldn’t it be good to be able to take these books with you when your not involved in the game? Well according to Capane.US this is now an option.

If you fancy having these Skyrim books at your convenience on your e-reader or Apple device, then you need to download the file and install it on your chosen device. Tell us if you would consider taking the game away from your home screen and onto your Kindle, iPhone or iPad?

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