Road Inc. for iPad dedicated to automobile: Update

For automobile fans that have an Apple iPad you might just like to know that there’s an iOS app for your Apple slate that is dedicated to automotive legend and offers a new way to approach the universe of automobiles via delivering an unique experience to the user that is designed like an imaginary interactive museum.

The Road Inc app for iOS enables the user to create their own place in the collective imagination delivering cinematic quality along with previously unseen texts, 350 original music tracks, 3D imaging and a richly designed graphic universe.

The Road Inc. app for the Apple iPad includes 4000 images, 200 sound samples, several hours of video, 50 legendary car models to uncover and explore, including the 1899 De Dion Bouton, Bugatti Veyron, and the 2010 Pagani Zonda.

The app also includes 3000 archival documents including brochures, blueprints, yearbooks, press clipping, plans, ads, and more with module sharing via Facebook, Twitter and email.

So you can see what the Road Inc app for the Apple iPad is all about we have a short demonstration video for your viewing pleasure below that shows you just what you can do with the Road Inc app.

For those that are interested in legendary cars and wish to download the Road Inc app to their Apple iPad the application is available to purchase from iTunes at a cost of $7.99.

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UPDATE: We had an email stating – Road Inc – Legendary Cars will be at the special discounted price of $.99 instead of $5.99 during this week end, from Friday Morning to Sunday night only and then prices will go back to normal!


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