Unlimited tethering via iTether app, Apple may pull

There may be a percentage of you already out there, who pay a premium for having smartphone tethering, when we talk about this, what we actually mean is the benefit of having accessibility to the Internet on your laptop no matter where you are with coverage from your smartphone device.

Paying a premium for having this service it seems is about to change, thanks to Apple’s new “iTether” application from its App Store for a price of $14.99 or £10.49 if converted to sterling.

In order to gain this click onto the link here, for as idownloadblog.com reported, unlimited wired tethering from your iPhone to your Mac or PC device. So how does it work some of you technically minded souls may be asking?

Dependant on the connection speed, the new Apple app works as reported, with a free software client via a USB chord, which can be implemented on either the Mac or PC. Carriers have now started to take a more forceful approach in relation to devices now being jailbroken, so the new iTether app will prevent any misgivings. Be quick if you’re interested in getting the new Apple app, as at this stage it is still difficult to tell how long it will be readily available, the Cali company may decide the pull the plug on it.

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