Nokia N9 sporting white jacket incoming

The mobile space usually sees black smartphone on initial release and then followed by a nice white model, as seen with numerous smartphones in the past from the likes of BlackBerry, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Apple eventually got round to delivering the white iPhone 4, and now it appears another white handset is gearing up to hit the mobile space.

This time round it is the Meego sporting Nokia N9 that will come out to play wearing a nice white jacket according to an article over on Ubergizmo by way of Nokia Conversations, and along with the white Nokia N9, current Nokia N9 users will be seeing a software update.

The head of product marketing for the Nokia N9, Frank Zillkens says that the manufacturing process for white products is somewhat complex and they wished to make sure they delivered the bets possible quality to their customers.

The white version of the Nokia N9 will be glossy rather than the matt like the black, cyan and magenta Nokia N9, and apparently will kick off with the 64GB white model that will become available sometime during Q4 2011.

As for that software update for current Nokia N9 users, the update will include improvements to such things as closing apps by swiping down by default, NFC tag reading, and music control keys from the lock screen, and the update will be available to download sometime during Q4 2011 as well.

So there it is, if you are a Nokia N9 fan and prefer white devices then you will be able to pick up a white Nokia N9 in the not too distant future.

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