Windows Phone 7 for iOS and Android users

There will be a percentage of you already submerged in your iOS or Android device and have no intentions of changing over to anything else, and of course that’s fine. But today in order to try out Microsoft’s new phone platform, the massive tech company have produced a demo via the web.

If accessing this, it is hoped that customers may then think about transferring over to Windows new Phone 7. In order to try it out as Engadget reported, users will have to use their smartphone iOS or Android browser by heading straight to http://aka.ms/wpedemo courtesy of coders in Redmond.

Hopefully if this works, then you the user will be met with a full preview of the new Mango OS, allowing you to get a good overview of what you could expect. Users will also see a blue dot pointing out potential points of interest to help get you started. Over at Engadget, Darren Murph was keen to point out that they had indeed tried it, but one small piece of negativity to using the test run, were that fonts didn’t seem crisp and smooth, along with you not being able to import contacts, read emails or messages and so on. One word of advice, do not try to use the demo in a horizontal fashion.

Visit m.microsoft.com/windowsphone/en-us/demo/.

Have you tried this out, how did you get on? Are you ready to be converted?

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