Has Galaxy Nexus OTA update fixed your volume bug issues

If you are the proud owner of the new Android 4.0 toting Samsung Galaxy Nexus and have been experiencing the volume bug problem on your handset you’ll probably know, as we reported yesterday that Samsung and Google have now gone live with a fix for the issue and is rolling it out over the air to devices.

The OTA update will be a staggered roll out and thus not everyone will see the bug fix initially but apparently users should see the update land on their Galaxy Nexus over the week, but there is no hard and fast timescale as to when all of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich handsets will be fixed.

Whether the update contains just the volume bug fix or anything else is as yet unknown, as Samsung and Google isn’t saying at this point.

Thus we’d like to hear from our Samsung Galaxy Nexus readers out there if you have received the software update on your handset yet and if so has it sorted out that volume bug completely, and does the update include anything else?

If you have received the update please feel free to let us know how it all went or if you experienced any problems by dropping up a line to our comments area below.

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