Angry Birds Christmas special, Holiday Seasons HD app

For all you Angry Birds fanatics on the iOS platform out there, Rovio has now updated their Angry Birds iOS app Angry Birds Seasons and Android Birds Seasons HD with festive frivolities to get you launching those bad tempered birds at Christmas decorated thriving green pigs, and is the first Angry Birds Seasons update since the Halloween update.

This time round according to the guys over at iDownload Blog the Angry Birds Christmas special features 25 new festive flavoured snowbound levels featuring twinkling lights, bells, candy canes and gingerbread cookies.

Furthermore in this festive update to Angry Birds Seasons for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad, the newest Angry Bird makes an appearance along with you get to meet the “big pig” himself on the last day, so you wouldn’t want to miss that would you.

Just so you can see what this latest update to Angry Birds Seasons for iOS is all about we have a short promo video for your viewing pleasure below so don’t forget to check that out before dashing over to iTunes to grab your copy.

Also the Might Eagle is now available for Angry Birds Seasons enabling you to deliver even more destruction to those thriving green pigs in difficult levels and collect special achievements along the way.

Thus if you wish to while away your spare time this festive season you can snap up the updated Angry Birds Seasons for $0.99 or the Angry Birds Seasons HD for $1.99 by hitting up iTunes.

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