No proof, so why turn iPhone off before take off?

I’m sure you know that when you take to the skies to go travelling it is a requirement of the Federal Aviation Administration that on a commercial airline flyers must power off their tech devises completely whilst the aircraft takes off into the wild blue yonder, so one would presume that your tablet or smartphone would interfere with the planes instruments in some way or another right?

Well according to the guys over at iDownload Blog by way of a statement that was issued to The New York Times, this apparently doesn’t appear to be the case, as apparently there is no proof that your iPhone, Apple iPad or any other smartphone or slate for that matter that tech devices interfere with anything and there’s no proven reason for the rule.

Apparently even the Federal Aviation Administration don’t know why this power off tech devices rule when taking off exists; however the FAA did explain why the rule still stands, as although there is no evidence devices can’t interfere with an aircraft, there is no evidence saying they can.

So basically if you are taking to the skies you have to turn off that Apple iPad or smartphone simply because no one really knows whether they interfere or not but just in case they might the ruling is in place.

Seems to me that perhaps it’s about time someone actually ran a few tests to see if tech gear does actually interfere with the planes instruments so they can put a little clarity on the situation don’t you agree?

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3 thoughts on “No proof, so why turn iPhone off before take off?”

  1. It is estimated that 2 phones are accidentally left ‘on’ on every flight. That’s in full GSM transmit mode too, not like some passive tablet or iPod. Yet, to date no aircraft accident has ever been attributed to electronic gadgets interfering with the instruments. 

    The only case I can imagine is if a pilot were to leave a 900Mhz GSM phone switched on, close to a sensitive instrument like the VOR. The rules are, to be honest, quite ridiculous.

  2. SkyLounge27 says:

    I’m a pilot and I know for a fact that mobile phones of any sort don’t interfere with flight instruments or communication radios. The reason why passengers are told to turn off they’re mobile phones when on a flight is due to they’re batteries. It’s widely known that lithium batteries in mobile phones, laptops and many other modern electronic devices use lithium batteries which are highly unstable and are prone to combustion at the high altitude airplanes accend to.

    This has been the case with many cargo airplanes crashing due to the electronic devices carried being powered by lithium batteries. Even when they’re switched off they do tend to combust when in high altitudes although it does help a tiny bit when they’re switched off.

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