Carrier IQ: updated list of the major players

Just this morning, we reported on analytics software company “Carrier IQ” that is responsible for providing data from mobile phone devices. With carriers such as Sprint, Verizon amongst others and big named manufacturers to speak of, the company have been criticized for the way in which it extracts data from devices and to where the information ends up. Click here to find out more.

What we wanted to now look at, were some of the major players and how much involvement they have with Carrier IQ. An interesting article from Engadget has spoken about who has become involved and how much bearing they have on the matter. First up is that of Cali company Apple and their response to Carrier IQ. It has been stated, that Carrier IQ has stopped being supported with iOS 5 in the majority of Apple’s products, and in the future software updates will be stopped. The massive tech company are keen when it comes to data sharing, to have customers actively involved with their consent, and if data is to be sent then it must be in an encrypted form with no personal details attached.

Carriers such as AT&T and Sprint are keen to point out that Carrier IQ software data is only used to improve their network and service performance. Others such as Bell and Fido do not install or support CIQ in any shape or form, whilst Google has never implemented it with any of its Nexus devices, Microsoft, HP, Verizon, RIM or Rogers.

South Korean Samsung on the other hand have stated that some of their mobile phone range does in fact include Carrier IQ, but have said that it is entirely up to the carrier to ask that Samsung does include the software on devices. The company was also keen to point out that they do not receive any information from customers’ phones that are equipped with Carrier IQ.

HTC allows its customers to report of any phone errors in order to make improvements on the mobile phone device. In order for data to be collected, customers have to “opt-in.” To find out more on this, click onto the link directly above.

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