Sprint slow data problems, network fix rolling out

If you are on the Sprint network and purchases the iPhone 4S you’ll probably know all about the many complaints over slow data speeds on Apple’s latest iOS smartphone while others have also been complaining about pretty bad 3G download speeds of under 1mbps on the Sprint network.

According to an article over on iDownload Blog, by way of Cnet, earlier Sprint did state they were aware of the problem and were seriously looking into the matter, and finally Sprint has begun rolling out a network enhancement fix for the slow data problems.

Apparently over the last couple of weeks old Sprint has been bolstering their network and pushing out enhancement to improve the iPhone performance of their network, and Sprint says that the initial customer response seems to be quite positive whilst some are still dissatisfied.

There are some Sprint customers still complaining that they continue to experience inconsistent and at times “dramatically slow” service with musician Gabriel Mayhugh of Chicago saying that he lives in downtown Chicago and every since he purchased the iPhone 4S has experienced this issue constantly.

According to Mayhugh his iPhone 4S doesn’t receive much more than 500kbps whilst during the evening time speeds can drop as low as 200kbps.

Currently the iPhone 4S speed problems continue to dog the Sprint Customer Service board with the board gaining some 1700 responses and in excess of 376,000 views.

So we’d like to hear from any of our readers that use the iPhone 4S on Sprint on this matter, is your iPhone 4S data speed still dismally slow or has it improved since Sprint has made these adjustments to their network?

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26 thoughts on “Sprint slow data problems, network fix rolling out”

  1. Jonesbatar says:

    I’ve always been an android guy, and recently went to apple thinking I’ll be getting what was supposed to the best phone out there, I have to say my lg Optimus s was better. Need to fix speed for Internet activity. My phone is sooooooo slow

    1. Dnmeboy says:

      Your phone isnt slow. Sprints network is. I just bought the iPhone 4s from sprint. It’s An excellent phone. I couldn’t be happier with it as long as I’m on wifi. Using safari and Siri on 3G is almost impossible. I know it’s sprints network so I won’t blame it on apple and the iPhone.

  2. Bmwood3 says:

    I have the 4S for Sprint in New Orleans and am lucky if I get 200kb. It is so bad that I refuse to download any apps unless I am on wifi. I switched from AT&T because I heard Sprint had better service. I no longer suffer from dropped calls but I was spoiled with AT&T’s 3G speeds. I hope Sprint does something to correct this soon!

  3. Nobalneo says:

    Yea I’m in Houston depending on what area and time I’m in. I can get up to 500k and low as .07 yes it sucks pic messages take forever and most don’t go thru without 5-9 try’s. Email is faster over wifi. I’m only keeping this due to I have faith they will fix it and the phone works well it’s just
    My network.

  4. Gonzo711 says:

    Not about the Apple IOS but about Sprint. When I bought my EVO 4G at initial roll out 6/4/2010 the 4G speeds were amazing. Close to my Road Runner speed. This lasted until about 2/2011 when the performance became spotty and slow. Sprint assured me after probably 20 hrs. with advanced problem resolution team member after apr member that everything would be tip top by August 2011. I was told that anything less than 98% tower performance was considered unacceptable, and I was g.wer 4/10 of a mile from my home but for reasons unknown my phone uses a tower 3 miles away.
    Sprint’s Everything plan is unbeatable, but if they don’t get their act together it will be bye bye. I was assured by a 10 year veteran Sprint rep that they were moving to LTE and good bye WiMax. So far I’ve neither seen or heard any evidence of this. Sprint was abysmal for years and they really got it together for 2 or 3 years. Since the beginning of 2011they have gone straight backward. Come on Uncle Dan let’s back up your ads with some reality.

  5. Chiefs fan says:

    I’m in overland park, ks and just got my phone dec 1st. I received an email from sprint saying network upgrades and since then I’ve seen 1mbps + so far every time I’ve used speed test. On my Evo I was getting the horrible speeds but I can tell its getting better

  6. Kathleenhankins says:

    it depends on what state you’re at. My father has the iphone4s with sprint and he’s really hooked onto it that i already uses his mba for a week without him complaining.

    1. Korddm4 says:

      Well it all depends on how what he uses it for. Try the hbo go app. Then let me know how long it takes,till it cuts him off. Or how abought itune radio. Try that an see how long it takes before it cuts you off and starts to buffer. your father must use it rarely. You probley see him on his computer more than his iPhone 4s.

  7. Scott Stygar says:

    Mine has a one second ping and a 0.03 Mbps download. Slow doesn’t begin to describe it. Love the phone, utterly disappointed in the network.

  8. Korddm4 says:

    Sprint!!!if your reading this. Get your @%#! Together. Cus when the iPhone 5 comes. Ain’t no one going to go with you. They are going to cancel with you instead of going with there up grade. So get your lousy asses off your chair and really do something abought it. Cus in the back of my mind. Y’all suck. I should of stayed with AT&T. I’d rather pay for my data and it to work then to get it free. I should just go with metro pcs with a basic phone. There data is probley faster.

  9. Phils12 says:

    Been a Sprint customer for over 15 yrs and about ready to jump ship.  We are paying for 4g which is not avail and 3g speed on my Evo and 4s is around .25-.60 Mbps.  This is unacceptable for NW Chicago

  10. RoM. says:

    Live in Rhode Island. Awful data loading. Dropped calls. Can’t even get 3G consistently. Literally useless for using the web, let alone making reliable calls. Friends also complaining about conversations breaking up. this in last week. Can anything else be wrong with this sprint phone. Had ATT and was fine. My company moved up to new 4s and Sprint, not knowing what the disaster would be.

  11. Cybertech2449 says:

    I’ve been experiencing the same issue . The 3G network for the iPhone really sucks!! “Yes,I said it” .i don’t know how it is with other phones on the sprint network ,but for the iPhone , this slow speed is ridiculous. I’m returning the iPhone .

  12. Dnmeboy says:

    iPhone 4s, upstate new York here, same crappy network speeds. Sits at 0.22mbps almost All of the time and occasionally maxes out at 0.53mbps. Completely rediculous compared to 3mbps up and down with AT&T. Is this really worth having unlimited data? At these speeds I’ll barely even be using it so what’s the point… Don’t take it away though sprint! FIX IT!!!

  13. Portland, OR says:

    iPhone 4S on the sprint network is very slow. I lose 3G connection constantly. It will not keep the connection while on safari. The service is absolutely aggravating when trying to send MMS or finding something on the maps app. It is not worth unlimited data at all. I wish i would have never left T-Mobile!. But all we can hope now is for Sprint to fix these issues. 

  14. ARESKE says:

    sprint told me to go to apple that theyre network was fine. i did and they replaced my phone due to a seperate problem. still with another phone it still sux. now even getting dropped call and when making calls nothing happens until i hang up and try again. i get under 100kbps almost all the time. sometimes the speed test apps( i have 3 of them) dont even register the networks latency and this is outside.  i am not far from center city philadelphia (3 or 4 miles ) and should not be experiencing these slow speeds. it is useless. sprint told me today that the network upgrades will notr be dont until august. W.T.F.  AT&T WANTS A 500 DEPOSIT ANT IT IS DEFINITELY WORTH IT.F#%K YOU SPRINT. I HOPE AN UNLOCK COMES OUT SOON…

  15. Ray says:

    I have got the 4S in the Bay Area horrible speed most of the time it isn’t even on the 3G the data has that small circle thing anyone experiencing the same problem?

  16. John L says:

    I just bought the iPhone 4s from sprint yesterday and I am getting horrible 3G speeds even when I have 4 and 5 bars of service.  I was experiencing this before I bought the iPhone with my Android device.  I hope Sprint brings network improvements to the Phoenix area soon.  I have been pulling down anywhere between .03 Mbps to .4 Mbps with a good signal.

  17. Lacy Fred says:

    Sprints 3G service is very slow and very frustrating! Especially when in an unknown area and my navigation takes FOREVER to update! I live in the Dallas TX area

  18. Frustrated says:

    I just got an iphone 4s yesterday (3/2/12) and it is AWFUL on Sprint.  I love the phone itself and would keep it in a heartbeat if it worked, but I can’t get email updates, facebook, or anything on the internet when I am at home.  Other family members got phones (androids) yesterday, too, and theirs work great.  It is DEFINITELY a problem with the iphone and Sprint.  I am returning it today because what good is an iphone if it doesn’t work.  Sad.

  19. Roxy081 says:

    i have had sprint for 5+ years never had any problems until recently i got the iphone 4s i drop calls and text messages do not always send EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTING!! Its been even worse the last couple of days is the Chicago area!

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