iPhone-friendly accessories: Bose OE2i Headphones review

In need of a new headset for your iPhone this festive season? Well how about the Bose OE2i headphones for your white iPhone, yep a white headphone set, something you don’t see everyday from Bose and the Bose OE2i headphones are remote compatible with the iOS smartphone.

The guys over at Cnet have done quite an in-depth review of the Bose OE2i headphones, so we thought we’d bring you the highlights of that review, but if you wish to check out the full on review you can do so by hitting up their website.

The Bose OE2i headphones are lighter and smaller than the original Bose OE headphones that were made available back in 2008 and feature an advanced acoustic design for depth and clarity of music, and are actually available in both black and white for the iPhone.

The guys say that the Bose OE2i headphones fit well and are comfortable to wear with plush material for equal weight distribution, but still fold up for storing in a compact case. When it comes to noise the OE2i’s aren’t as good at isolating as over-the-ear headsets, but do muffle sound reasonably well.

The guys also come up with a few good and bad points, which are, the good: compact, lightweight, fold-up design, comfortable, inline remote and microphone for iPhone users, very good sound quality and detachable headphone cord.

When it comes to the bad, well there isn’t a lot apparently with the only bad thing being coming up short on bass resonance. We also have a review video of the Bose OE2i headphones for your viewing pleasure below; so don’t forget to check that out.

So now we come to price, if you would like to purchase the Bose OE2i iPhone compatible headphones, they can be purchased from the Bose website at a cost of $179.95, so will you be picking up the Bose OE2i headphones for your iPhone this Christmas?

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