Apple claims rectangles, round corners and flat black screens are theirs

You are no doubt aware Apple has been in legal conflict with Samsung for god knows how long over the design of Samsung products that Apple claims looks and feels like Apple products and Apple is attempting to get Samsung gear banned. However it appears that in recent documents that have surfaced to do with the case, it looks like Apple is laying claim to certain design points that could have just about every smartphone and tablet being attached for the same reasons Apple is attacking Samsung.

According to an article over on Slash Gear by way of The Verge, apparently Apple had to deliver design workarounds so that Samsung wouldn’t infringe on such devices as the iPhone and Apple iPad, and those design workaround suggestions show that Apple is kind of laying claim to generic shapes and whatnot.

Apple actually suggested that when designing a smartphone the device shouldn’t be rectangular, nor should it have rounded corners, and also shouldn’t have a clean black front surface, and when it comes to tablets, again these shouldn’t be rectangular with round corners, have a non-flat front surface, thick frames and a thick profile whilst tablets should sport a cluttered interface.

So Apple is basically saying they own the rectangular shape, rounded corners, and flat black screens along with uncluttered interfaces, thin frames and slim profiles, and that no other smartphone or tablet should be able to use these design points.

Thus Apple seems to be saying that rival smartphones and tablets have to be cluttered, bulky, unsightly, and a strange shape in order not to infringe of Apple design patents, which is of course pure bunkum, but does show that Apple is quite an arrogant company who thinks they can dictate the designs of rival makers products.

Of course Samsung did take a hint from Apple’s suggestions ad came up with a thicker frame on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N, although Apple is now seeking a ban on this device in Germany as well.

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5 thoughts on “Apple claims rectangles, round corners and flat black screens are theirs”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Apple wants to rule the world.  That is a most arrogant and absurd company.  I personally don’t want anything Apple makes because of its attitude.  Apple lost the war of the PC to Microsoft and it is so afraid of losing the iPhone and iPad to Android and others.

  2. Ike says:

    well i mean, every other product does look like a apple product. is it so hard to just make up a new look for the stuff they want. i feel like apple has been doing their thing so so long that now people are just biting off it its look.

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