Apple fails to gain Samsung gear ban in US

As you no doubt know Apple and Samsung aren’t getting along to well in the mobile space with Apple hounding the heels of Samsung over their Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and other devices infringing on the look and feel of Apple gear. Well recently Samsung gained a little victory over Apple in Australia managing to get the ban overturned, and now old Sammy can now claim another little victory in the US of A.

According to an article over on Slash Gear by way of Reuters, it appears that Apple’s attempt to have Samsung products banned in the United States has failed, with the US courts rejecting Apple’s request of a preliminary injunction against Samsung.

San Jose US District Judge Lucy Koh made the ruling on Friday stating that is isn’t clear whether an injunction against Samsung’s accused devices would prevent Apple from “being irreparably harmed.”

Samsung of course welcomed the ruling although Apple could still win the overall lawsuit, but obviously will not now be granted a quick ban on Samsung’s Galaxy devices in the United States and thus a small win in Samsung’s favour.

Obviously no word on what Apple thinks of the ruling but no doubt they are somewhat seething over again failing in the courts to get just what they want.

Perhaps finally the courts are wising up that it’s not all about what Apple wants but more about what the public wants, which is the right to choose between which devices they want to purchase and not have certain devices banned simply because Apple says they look like the iPhone or Apple iPad.

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