Top 2011 Builds: Real iPhone projector DIY kit

If you enjoy boring all your friends with video and pictures captured on your iPhone like my brother-in-law does, always has hours of images to wade through after a holiday, then probably the best way is to use a projector but if you don’t want to shell out a small fortune for a projector there is a way of projecting by using a few household items.

I will probably live to regret this if the brother-in-law reads this, but according to an article over on PC World, Imalegend, an Indestructible member has come up with a homemade DIY projector kit for the iPhone.

Apparently all that is required to construct the DIY iOS smartphone projector is a magnifying glass, a marker, a shoebox, duck tape, a knife, a glue gun and a few Lego bricks and cost to manufacture the DIY iPhone projector kit costs roughly a buck.

So here’s how it’s accomplished, and takes about 15 to 20 minutes to build, the magnifying glass is taped to one end of the shoebox with the iPhone propped up by the Lego bricks directly opposite at the other end, then tape over any other holes to stop light leaking in and you are ready to go.

This works via the light from the iPhone going through the magnifying glass and then projecting onto a wall and Bob’s your uncle, one homemade low-cost projector, and can also be used with other devices other than the iPhone.

That is, simple really, so how many of our readers are now going to hunt out that old shoebox and give this one a go, if so let us know how good it actually works for you by dropping us a line to our comments area below.

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