Vodafone Digital Parenting app, help the kids

Keeping up with the kids and the digital technology they use today can be a daunting task for many a parent especially if you are not into the Facebook and digital services world, but if you do own an Android smartphone and want to understand more your child’s digital world then the Vodafone Digital Parenting app for Android devices might be right up your street.

The Vodafone Digital Parenting app can help the user get an overview of some of the technologies youngsters use at different ages, and deliver advice and info on important issues like sexting, mobile costs, and managing an online reputation.

With the Vodafone Digital Parenting app for Android the user receives a series of “How To” guides that should help parents to make use of privacy tools along with the parental controls on such social sites as Facebook, Vodafone, Microsoft and Google.

There is also a “How To” guide on the Vodafone Guardian application that helps to keep kids safer when using a smartphone, along with a selection of videos about digital parenting, whilst the Vodafone Digital Parenting app runs hand-in-hand with a website and magazine.

For those Android parents out there that wish to take advantage of the Vodafone Digital Parenting app for Android you can download the app to your chosen device from the Android Market as a free download.

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