Galaxy Nexus release, day ahead of US

US customers waiting to purchase the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon may not have too much longer to wait now, with a release date of around December 8th. Just yesterday we reported on how New Yorkers had the chance to take a look at the Nexus, which was being showcased at the Samsung Experience in Columbus Circle in NYC, but for some there is now the option of getting the Nexus a day earlier.

Yep, that’s right, Canadian customers according to theverge.com, will now be able to pick up the 4.65-incher with new Android 4.0 OS, a day early on December 7th from retailers Bell and Virgin Mobile.

We have to point out here, that although the price is somewhat reasonable at $159.95, you will be tied down to a three-year contract either at Best Buy or at the carriers’ Dundas and Yonge locations in Toronto, Canada.

Enticing you further, accessories for the new Nexus will be half price, so not only will you be getting the new Galaxy Nexus for a pretty good price along with it’s accessories, but you can show off your new device a day early.

Are you holding out for the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus? If you’re tempted by the above deal, which retailer will you be heading to?


10 thoughts on “Galaxy Nexus release, day ahead of US”

    1. Bubba says:

      The title article is a bit unclear and should have said “Canada” in the title somewhere, but the 7th is not a pre-order date for anyone. The 7th is the new release date for Canada, a day earlier than they originally announced.

  1. Egeferentino9 says:

    Lets not get too carried away with the December 8th or the 9th release date. Hello its Monday December 5th and Verizon has not said anything about any release dates. It seems unprofessional to confirm a release date just 3or 4 days prior. I don’t know but with the Razr the preorder date was October 27th and the actual release date was 11-11-11. That’s two weeks later. Who knows maybe the 9th is a preorder date. I wouldn’t get too excited about a release date this week unless Verizon spokes person does an announcement to make it official.

  2. Egeferentino9 says:

    How can Verizon set a preorder date and they haven’t announced anything yet. I think Canada will get it first then the US. The 7th could only be for Canada and not the US. I hope not.

  3. Popokppkkj says:

    I’m just gonna get the unlocked version so I can have no carrier logos and apps. Plus I can save my upgrade for a better phone that AT&T will get!

  4. Popokppkkj says:

    Verizon sucks ass! I went in today and asked about the GN and the manager said no release date yet and also said this is rediculous he gets a lot of ppl everyday asking for this phone!? All Verizon customers suck ass too!!!

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