US Verizon Galaxy Nexus sneak peek

Whilst the rest of us are now starting to enjoy the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus packed with Android’s new OS, the US are still patiently twiddling their thumbs as to when the new smartphone will arrive. News is still pointing to December 8th, as to the time when carrier Verizon will finally receive the newest Sammy addition, whilst for rivals AT&T, it seems that a Android 4.0 device of some description may be arriving to them fairly soon.

The Galaxy Nexus we know is wanted by a great number of you, and up until now we’ve been trying to keep you posted on the slightest inkling of when Verizon customers can at least pre-order their new smartphone. But today news courtesy of Zach Honig at Engadget, has reported that yesterday at the “Samsung Experience in Columbus Circle,” in New York, customers could in fact get a feel for the new phone where it was being showcased within the Manhattan showroom.

Zach was keen to point out that they were lucky enough to get a taster of the new Nexus with four pre-production models to speak of which were running on Android’s 4.0.1 OS as oppose to the final 4.1 version that it due to be updated in the not so distant future. Testing them out was made a little difficult as each model came without a SIM, although Zach did report on taking the Nexus for a speed test using a Verizon LTE MiFi, which resulted in download speeds ranging from 5000-7000kbps, with upload speeds of 300-2000kbps whilst being connected to LTE over WiFi.

To find out more on this, along with some hands-on pictures, head on over to Engadget’s link above.

Let us know if you are waiting for the US Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus? Or perhaps you have been swayed into purchasing something else?


4 thoughts on “US Verizon Galaxy Nexus sneak peek”

  1. SoReadyForANewPhone says:

    I have an original Motorola Droid and have been waiting for the the US Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus ever since the Motorola Droid Razr was released and I discovered it felt very uncomfortable in my hand.   I really like the HTC Rezound, but want to try the SGN before I make a final decision.

    1. HurryUpAlready says:

      Wow. The comment by “SoReadyForANewPhone” could have been posted by me. I also have the OG Droid and have been patiently waiting for the Galaxy Nexus. A friend has the Rezound and it seems like a great phone. I’ll keep waiting for the GN, but only till the end of the year.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If it’s $200 yes, if it’s $300 no. I’m pretty poor at the moment and might just have to settle for a cheaper model.  (Where “cheaper model” means “model released four months ago”.)

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