U.S Galaxy Nexus, are you waiting to pre-order?

This year has been the time for Samsung to outshine the majority of its competitors, from Apple, Motorola, HTC and even LG. Three big favourite smartphones to come out of 2011 will be that of the Samsung Galaxy S II, the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Nexus. Just the other day, we reported that South Korean company Samsung had to adjust their yearly figures as previous targets had already been smashed.

On saying this, the Galaxy Nexus which is still to surface on Verizon’s US network hasn’t been seen yet and with a release date rumoured to be just around the corner, we have to ask when customers will be able to pre-order their much longed smartphone.

Multiple sources had expected pre-orders to commence just yesterday November 29th, this tied in nicely with a Best Buy ad as Slashgear reported, that had been seen, but with the above date been and gone and no news on pre-ordering the Nexus, we worry that this will follow in the Galaxy S II’s footsteps, when the S2 took weeks to launch in the US.

Check out some of our other posts in which we’ve compared the Nexus to the Droid RAZR and HTC’s Rezound, or perhaps you might be interested in how the Nexus camera holds it own against the new iPhone 4S.

With a packed listing of impressive specifications including Android’s new 4.0 OS, we ask you our readers, whether you are in fact waiting for the new Galaxy Nexus on Verizon to arrive? Are you prepared to pre-order?


8 thoughts on “U.S Galaxy Nexus, are you waiting to pre-order?”

  1. Pooyarb says:

    I am waiting and I was very excited but honestly day by day I am getting more irritated by the way Samsung and Verizon are handling this. It feels like they have no respect for customers and they think people are gonna buy it regardless. 
    They should announce the release date soon even if it is in a month but at least people would know what they are dealing with. 

    1. I agree 100%! I would rather Vzw communicate to us like we are customers that matter rather than being hush hush and hoping we are pleasantly surprised. If there was another phone running ICS I might be inclined to jump ship on the G-Nex. The thing holding me is that it’s a Google experience phone. The stock ICS experience has me wanting this phone, but I’m not going to patiently wait through Dec 31st. They need to SAY SOMETHING!

  2. Faris Haykal says:

    I got slammed yesterday for suggesting that I was able to preorder through my local Verizon retailer, but I called again last night to confirm and I do have a standing preorder for the Nexus.

    The Verizon rep told me they were able to go ahead and do it because I have a business account. Yeah, I don’t understand it, either, but the optimistic side of me is taking their word for it. 

  3. Noway says:

    Im bitter about it all and could not wait any longer. After being a verizon customer for over 7 years, I have decided to part ways with them over this. I had originally wanted the galaxy s2, which verizon claimed they would carry.. but did not. With all this speculation and anticipation, it comes down to verizon being greedy about wanting to push their inferior rzr. They know that the galaxy nexus will hurt the rzr sales, so theyre delaying the nexus launch in hopes people get sick of waiting and gobble up the rzr. Well EFF OFF verizon. You just lost a customer for life. I switched to sprint and got my galaxy s2. Now I will wait for iphone5 or something better. the bottom line is that verizon does not give a rats ass about their customers. if more people jumped ship, maybe they would start caring, but as long as you guys keep lining up to pay your hard earned money to get punched in the face, they will continue this nonsense. boycott em!

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