Verizon Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE Android 4.0.2 update: Another tease

Samsung’s new Galaxy Nexus has just recently released to a waiting audience of customers, and despite feedback from the mobile phone being of a good response, there has been the problem with the volume rocker and what appears to be a bug. In order to fix the issue, it was reported that an update from Android was required.

The subsequent problems have affected customers who have acquired the GSM model of the Galaxy Nexus in Europe, with the US carrier Verizon waiting for the phone to officially release with them on what is reported as December 8th. With the Galaxy Nexus running initially on Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 OS or 4.0.1, the news is now pointing to Verizon and Google now implementing 4.0.2 as the default software version.

This according to droid-life.com may be the case, but one reader who has the GSM Galaxy Nexus has reported that they have received “no such update” for their handset, so it begs the question whether the new 4.0.2 update will in fact come already preloaded on the launch day.

At this stage we will keep our eyes and ears peeled for more information, and with a possible release date of December 8th, there are reports that pre-orders of the phone may get underway today or tomorrow. Check out two of other posts in which we’ve compared the Galaxy Nexus to Motorola’s new Droid RAZR and HTC’s Rezound, and an article in which our very own James spoke about the possible Nexus price being lowered on Verizon, when it arrives.

Are you waiting for the Galaxy Nexus? Will you be pre-ordering?


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