US Galaxy Nexus accessorized, imminent release

News has been buzzing around the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus and when it will officially arrive on Verizon’s LTE network. It seems that the date of December 8th is more than likely, with Canadian users being able to purchase the impressive handset a day before on the 7th, click here to find out more.

We can report that PopHerald.com via Android Central have spoken about some new Nexus accessories that have already arrived, indicating that the smartphone is indeed ready for what has been reported as “prime time.”

Accessories seen include a new “battery charging kit,” for a cost of $39.99, whilst a “power and protection package” will set you back $49.97, these are just two of what will no doubt be a complete range of add-on’s.

Just yesterday we were keen to report that the new Galaxy Nexus, well in fact four pre-production models were spotted at a weekend Samsung show which was held in New York, giving many a chance to check out the new impressive smartphone. It was noted that the Verizon model looked and felt slightly thicker than the Galaxy Nexus we’ve experienced in some other countries including the UK. Along with this, the US version is rumored to come with a larger storage capability of 32GB as well as two Verizon Wireless apps on the new Android 4.0 OS.

Are you waiting for the new Galaxy Nexus on Verizon? What’s swayed you into making your decision?

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