Amazon Kindle Fire CM7 download, not tested

A couple of days ago a developer came up with a CyanogenMod 7 port for the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet and although the developer posted a couple of images of CM7 running on the Amazon Kindle Fire he didn’t release any of the necessary files; however, that has now changed and CM7 for the Android slate is now available.

And for those that want to have a go at flashing CyanogenMod 7 on the Amazon Kindle Fire the guys over at Redmond Pie have come up with a guide on how to accomplish the feat; however there is a warning that CM7 for the Kindle Fire is not tested or very stable just yet and has only been tested on Kindle Fire software 6.0 and 6.1.

So with that out of the way and you have a hankering to have a go you can check out the 7-step guide to getting CM7 on the Amazon Kindle Fire by hitting up Redmond Pie, I would write out the guide here, but I wouldn’t wish to risk making a mistake so it is far better you get the instructions for the guys themselves.

But before you go ahead you should be made aware that you will lose all integration with Amazon services, void your warranty and there is no way to revert back to stock firmware, thus you proceed at your own risk.

The guys do say that if you follow the guide correctly your Amazon Kindle Fire will reboot into CyanogenMod 7 but if you have any queries you can check out the official thread at XDA-developers.

So if you do have a go at flashing CM7 onto your Amazon Kindle Fire feel free to let us know how it goes and if you experience any problems by dropping us a line to our comments area below.

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