Verizon Galaxy Nexus confirmed Dec 9 release

News for the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus running on Verizon’s LTE network has been coming in thick and fast. Up until now, some of us including the UK have been able to enjoy the impressive handset, barr the US. As with the Galaxy S II when that released, America were left waiting for it to arrive and the same has happened this time around.

In the last few days New Yorkers have been able to see the phone in all its entirety, courtesy of a Samsung experience held in Manhattan, whilst just yesterday we told you about accessories that had been spotted, giving us clues that the handset wasn’t that far away in terms of release.

Up until now, the date had pointed to December 8th, with many asking when they could actually pre-order the Sammy phone, but today according to Phandroid.com, the new Nexus will start to ship out to Verizon stores on December 6th (that’s today), with an official release on December 9th. The news comes via an Email and PDF stating this very information.

Let us know if this is music to your ears? Are you patiently waiting to get your hands on the new Galaxy Nexus?


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