iPhone not wanted by US Cellular, not good enough

Apple’s much-favoured piece of tech in the mobile space, the iPhone is usually a great success for the carriers that opt to offer the iOS smartphone with most carriers eagerly accepting the iPhone into their offerings; however it appears that not every carrier is that impressed with the iPhone enough to actually want the handset.

According to an article over on iDownoad Blog, by way of 9to5 Mac, the 6th largest carrier in the good old US of A, US Cellular recently turned down the opportunity of offering the iPhone to their customers because of “unacceptable terms.”

And now word is US Cellular is stating that the iPhone isn’t good enough and that the lack of “cutting edge” tech with the iOS smartphone was one of the reasons they turned it down.

Ted Carlson, the CEO of US Cellular said during a speech at the Global Media and Communications conference that US Cellular isn’t going to say never to the iPhone, but the iPhone would need to be cutting edge to where we are going and then they could possibly consider offering it.

Basically Carlson was referring to US Cellular’s move to LTE and the fact that the iPhone doesn’t currently support LTE, something that Apple has been lagging behind for quite some time.

Of course the question is as US Cellular turned down the iPhone this time, once Apple delivers that LTE enabled iPhone, hopefully when the iPhone 5 finally arrives, will Apple give US Cellular the opportunity again?

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