Samsung secures bundle of bucks to fight Apple

I’m sure if you frequent the mobile arena you’ll know that Apple has been after Samsung blood for quite some time claiming old Sammy infringes of the design of the iPhone and Apple iPad with several Samsung products, and recently Samsung managed to get an Australian ban of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 overturned and has had Apple’s demand to have Samsung products banned in the US deigned.

However the fight between Apple and Samsung doesn’t end there and will no doubt continue for some time into the future, and according to an article over on Pocket Now via the Korea Times , Geesung Choi, the president and chief exec of digital media at Samsung Electronics has said they have secured a rather large lump of cash to continue the fight against Apple across the globe in courtrooms.

That large bundle of cash secured by Samsung is to the tune of some 200 million bucks, a fairly substantial sum to throw at lawyers to fight the Samsung front. Although no doubt Apple has a hefty pile of cash to also throw at their own lawyers in order to continue the fight.

Samsung’s recent victories against Apple in the courtrooms aren’t permanent though as they cover preliminary injunctions against Samsung rather than the actual outcome of the cases, which Apple could still win.

Just think what that cash could be used for if Apple and Samsung were to bury the hatchet once and for all rather than wasting it on legal teams to hash it out in court.

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