Siri for iPhone 4 using new H1Siri: Tweak Warning

We recently heard through the grapevine about Siri0us, a Cydia tweak for pre iPhone 4S devices, giving them the ability to use Siri Dictation. Well since this little tip off there has been new talks about another Siri tweak that is supposedly able to give iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G users full Siri functionality.

Called H1Siri, the hop up is claimed to give GUI, dictation and all voice commands on iPhone 4. Of course this is “claimed, “ and we here at Phones Review cannot guarantee that the system is tried and tested.

Reports from Redmond Pie suggest that there have been more than a few users that have experienced issues. Because the Siri voice command and speech that gets converted into text have to go through another proxy server, rather than an Apple server, there have been reports of an error message being displayed. This is probably down to an overloaded server working to full capacity.

Warnings have been issued from certain sources stating that the tweak should not be touched, as its users personal information will be sent through an insecure server, and therefore liable to improper use. Reports go on to mention that technically the tweak is illegal due to the fact that it makes use of copyrighted files that aren’t for distribution.

Obviously the appeal for Siri to be added to you older iOS device might be too big to contain. But please be aware that you enter into the tweak at your own risk, stay safe out there people. Tell us if you have or will be trying the H1Siri tweak, and what your thoughts are?


2 thoughts on “Siri for iPhone 4 using new H1Siri: Tweak Warning”

  1. Fkkjggg says:

    I did it and everything worked fine. Eventually I couldn’t boot tethered anymore. And lost my jailbreak and haven’t jailbroken since. Phone works 100% fine now

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