iOS Siri meet Android Cluzee, fancy a fight?

When the Apple released its latest version of the iPhone, some followers were disappointed that only a 4S version was unveiled rather than the rumored 5. No doubt the Android crowd were breathing a sigh of relief, reckoning the gentle revamp to be less of a challenge for their top-end smartphones.

Then we got introduced to the 4S’s party piece, iOS Siri, which Apple labelled with the phrase “Your wish is my command.” This new technology allows the user to send messages, schedule meetings and make phone calls by recognizing simple voice commands. It also has the ability to answer questions without the need for voice recognition set up.

Android may well have met their match. But as iDownload Blog report Android have retaliated with its own version of the Siri system, named Cluzee. App based the “intelligent personal assistant” can call upon many features in the same way that Siri can. Everyday language can gain access to voice calls, text messaging and dictate text into emails.

As from Tuesday, Cluzee will be available for Android phones, and although just a third party service without the backing from Google, there are plans to bring out a cloud-based version. This will enable any phone, tablet device or computer to run the system making it widely available. Technology-wise it falls short of Siri performance, but this can only be the start of things to come.

Soon enough we will all be talking more to our mobile devices rather than tapping away. Tell us if you think Cluzee and Siri will change the way we communicate?

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