Christmas 2011 wished for iPhone 4S

Since the new iPhone 4S from Apple arrived nearly two months ago, it’s safe to say that it’s popularity has carried on rising, despite criticism surrounding it’s poor battery life. This was to be rectified with an update of the new iOS 5 and we are still eager to hear whether you have noticed a difference with how long your battery life lasts?

With the lead up to Christmas in full swing and units of the new Apple smartphone flying from retailer shelves, to help you with your important purchase, we wanted to look at what some of you already “like” and “dislike” about the new phone.

Courtesy of Debbie over at only kent, a new survey by “ChangeWave Research,” has been carried out during November 2 and 9th, basically showing what some 215 consumers were saying about the new device. Showing off a pretty high satisfaction and approval rating compared to its predecessor the iPhone 4, percentage rise, a high 77% of iPhone 4S owners said they were very satisfied with the device, whilst 19% said they were somewhat satisfied. A tiny 2% said they were unhappy. Figures were found to be higher than that of the iPhone 4.

In terms of favourite features, owners pointed out that Siri voice recognition was at the top of the list, with easy use of the iPhone taking second, closely followed by use of the new 8 megapixel camera and faster web browsing. Dislikes of the phone included, poor battery life and the lack of 4G, screen size, dropped calls, quality of 3G networks and so on.

Have you already purchased an iPhone 4S or are you about to?

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