iOS 5.1 beta January expiry date: Caution

As many Apple fans will know, when the new iPhone 4S officially released, it was bombarded with initial criticism surrounding its poor battery life, with many asking what Apple would be doing to rectify the issue. In turn, the Cali company announced that a new update to the initial iOS 5 OS would be on its way in order to clear up any potential problems.

Developers have been the first to receive the new iOS 5.1 update with release notes made available of which had to be signed by those using them. The new update will be for devices such as Apple’s iPhone 4S, GSM and CDMA iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3 and 4th gens and iPad 2 tablet, with a view to improving Siri voice recognition and so on.

With the new iOS 5.1 beta version now in place, idownloadblog.com have stated a word of caution for anybody thinking of downloading and then installing the new 5.1 today.

It has been reported that the new beta version will finish on January 14th next year at a time of 8 PM EST. At that time, you will then have to continue with a newer beta version or the official firmware, if this is not carried out, then your device could be deemed unfit to use.

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One thought on “iOS 5.1 beta January expiry date: Caution”

  1. MindSpirit1 says:

    Why is this news of expiration of beta version of 5.1 one any news at all ? If we all are waiting with baited breath for the official version of iOS5.1 then surely we would know that there are drawbacks using the beta version. Moreover once the official version is released who would care to keep using the beta version ! ! !

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