Findthebest.com Launches New UI with Smart Ratings & More

Findthebest.com can be though of a decision or comparison engine and makes it’s comparisons through a human curated data-driven process. Today, FTB is moving forward with the total redesign of their site.

Instead of a lot of rows that make it difficult to assess on everything from smartphones to antivirus software, they now create “smart ratings” that are intuitive, color-cued representations of expert opinions and statistical data.

The site has been experiencing tremendous growth after raising 6 million dollars from Kleiner Perkins over the last couple years. The companies’ founder, Kevin O’Connor was the former founder of DoubleClick, which was acquired by Google for 3 billion dollars.

Check out this comparison of smartphones, to get an idea of what the new interface and the smart ratings are all about.

From ski resorts to tablets, check out Findthebest’s new smart ratings next time you need to make a quick and informed purchase decision.

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