You had Verizon early Dec 2011 upgrade yet, check accounts

Once you have taken charge of a new handset, the honeymoon period is the best part, you’re proud to show off your new device when looking around at others and their outdated phones. But not long after this, you will see the latest offering from your chosen manufacturer, and your phone which once was the best now seems slightly rough around the edges.

Thoughts then turn to your next upgrade slot, even though more often than not this date is further away than you would like. Counting down the days till you are eligible for a change becomes part of your daily routine.

For Verizon customers in this situation, there could be a beacon of light at the end of the tunnel, according to Droid Life. Some checking their Big Red account status have noticed that where previously their upgrade date was listed as 2013, a new time slot has appeared.

Possibly in an attempt to get as many of their users into the latest smartphones, Verizon has switched the upgrade dates to December this year. One report talked about a customer who only purchased their DROID Bionic the day after its release back in September, now eligible for a December upgrade.

With Verizon pushing out the Christmas boat, will we see other service providers following suite. Tell us if you have been offered an earlier than expected upgrade, and if so would you consider it so close to your last purchase?


2 thoughts on “You had Verizon early Dec 2011 upgrade yet, check accounts”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Only time will tell and with the problem I had obtaining my HTC Thunderbolt (contract up in November 2012), and the update concerns and poor battery life, it would be a nice gesture on Verizon’s part to show  us all little love

  2. Matthew McCallon says:

    After checking my account and thinking, “What?!?!” I found this post.  I used my upgrade last December to get my wife a new phone, and I indeed have a discounted upgrade available to me effective now.  It also states that I would receive an additional discount if I waited till the original date of 08/12/12.  A “loyalty” discount, which I thought they had done away with.

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