Costco Verizon Galaxy Nexus Dec 9, rumours suggest 13th

Ah the anticipation over the US release of the first Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone continues to build with recent reports that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will indeed release on the Big Red network as of Friday the 9th of December, but will Costco also offer the Galaxy Nexus come Friday?

Well according to the guys over at Droid-life the answer to that question is yes Costco will offer the Samsung Galaxy Nexus as of Friday the 9th of December although it isn’t known what bundles Costco will offer; however it doesn’t end there…

According to another article by the guys, it appears that there is still some confusion as to just when the Android 4.0 smartphone will actually come out to play of Verizon as their seems to be some unexplained delay in getting the Galaxy Nexus out to the public.

Thus the rumour is that the new release date is rumoured to be the 13th of December rather than the 9th. Apparently Verizon stores have stock of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus ready and waiting to be sold but apparently the word is they are not allowed to sell them yet.

Apparently the guy’s friends at Verizon are also somewhat confused over this rumoured release delay. So the big question here is will the Samsung Galaxy Nexus arrive on Friday or will it actually make an appearance next Tuesday?

As it stands, it is possible that this is simply a rumour and that the Big Red will push out the Galaxy Nexus on Friday the 9th, but there is also a possibility that this wont happen until Tuesday the 13th. Will you be annoyed if you have to wait yet another week to get your hands of the device?

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9 thoughts on “Costco Verizon Galaxy Nexus Dec 9, rumours suggest 13th”

  1. Verizon Slave says:

    The biggest dissappointment and frustration is the complete lack of communication and “you’ll do things my way” mentality.  Every other carrier in every other country has had to wait less than a month between the time the carrier announced it was going to get the G-Nex and the time the customers could go buy it.  Some carriers have even release ahead of schedule.  Verizon, Samsung, and Google have all had sign-up pages to receive updates on the phone.  I signed up when it was first available back in mid-October.  Almost two months later and there has yet to be a single email.  NO COMMUNICATION.  It bothers me that we have to rely on rumors, which gets everyone’s hopes up, and then disappoints when it falls through.

    Verizon is a control freak and an evil corporate entity.  They have control of my state to the point if any other carrier wants to put up a new tower to provide better coverage, Verizon makes sure that doesn’t happen.  They pay off the right people and don’t care at all about their customers.  They force them to succumb to their service, not provide service that makes people want to use Verizon.

    This launch has got to be the worst new phone launch of all time.  Verizon is known for delayed launches but this is by far the worst.

    Picture a man dressed in a business suit wearing a Santa hat holding a candy cane above a little boy’s head.  Every time the little boy jumps to get the candy cane, the man pulls it just enough out of reach that the little boy can’t get it.  The little boy gets so close that he tries again and again.  Each time the little boy just misses the candy cane.  Each time the man laughs a little evil laugh.


    1. Anonymous says:

      Remember in Billy Madison.. the guy who sprayed the kid with the hose… while the kid remarked: “Mister, who are you, why are you doing this to me.. stop it mister.”

      Verizon is the man with the hose. I feel like the kid being sprayed with it… while sitting on a sprinkler.

  2. Dismayed says:

    While I had my heart set on a Galaxy Nexus, the lack of communication is frustrating me to the point where I am seriously considering a Titan or Focus S.  Screw Google and Verizon.

  3. Waiting says:

    Shouldn’t have to ask me if I’m annoyed about the ‘bigger, better’ Nexus…
    I’m still annoyed that I can’t even get the S2 from Verizon

    1. Anonymous says:

      Yes, very confusing… after all, if Sprint has it available on their CDMA network, why not Verizon?

      I wish all CDMA carriers here in the states impletemented and used CSIM.

  4. EJ says:

    The “advantage” of getting the first phone with ICS is quickly dimishing, as it won’t be the first for long since it is taking so damn long to release it!  We are in the last month of 2011 and have put up with delay after delay, even if unofficial and rumors only. In the past, these leaks for other phones are generally correct, so we can assume most of what we’ve heard was probably correct but delayed.

    Though the specs on the GN are impressive, they are not much different than the RAZR or Rezound, all in the same ballpark. Even the GN screen’s viewable portion is not 4.65, though the screen itself is that big. What I am saying is, 1) if you need a phone now because your current phones sucks to the point that it is not functioning, go get one that is available now. 2) If you are not sturck with Verizon, consider another carrier, and 3) If you can wait it out 1-2 months more, the quad cores will be coming out, will have ICS, and will blow away all the phones we’ve seen this year including GN. They will be running at twice the speed. When I think about all of this and where we are, the next BIG thing is in early 2012, not now. The GN sweet spot was back in Oct, but now, it is almost a thing of the past before it is even released. My opinion.

    Unfortunately for me, I had the OG Droid and it was not functioning. I could not call, had to remove battery repeatedly because power button was broken, screen shaked, half screen was dead to touch, and I could not use it or wait for the GN. It was supposed to be my next phone. I decided to go with Rezound b/c of HD screen and specs. Glad now that I did. But if I could have waited, I would, but at this point, I would be looking to 2012 in January or February for something better than GN. I hope the damn phone flops now. Verizon shot themselves in the foot again, dumb a**es. 

  5. Guest says:

    Wow, what a bunch of spoiled brats. Verizon doesn’t owe you anything. Creating and deploying a new phone is a tremendously complex undertaking. You should be happy you have these amazing devices available to you and try not to whine when the latest and greatest is released a few weeks late.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Way to go, Chubb! You’re the latest dipshit to talk out of your ass about a release date you don’t know jack about. All you need to call yourself a blogger is zero credibility. Stfu when u don’t know s and write headlines to get high placement.

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