iPhone 5 features quad-core to smash Android

So we didn’t see the much expected iPhone 5 arrive this year so all of the iOS faithful will now be looking toward next year and the release of the iPhone 5 and when Apple finally pushed out the iPhone 5 to the masses word has it the iOS smartphone could come packing a quad core to smash Android.

According to an article over on Computer World by way of Macerkopf.de, the word is Apple is actually testing two versions of the next generation iPhone, one a dual core packing model and the other equipped with a quad core processor.

So why would a quad core iPhone 5 smash Android? Well according to the guys, Apple will be able to make better use of its UI on a faster iPhone that wont just be software bolted onto a quad core processor, but rather software and quad core chip to perfectly compliment each other.

Apparently until Google moves to undermine its Android partners Android will never match Apple’s advantage because the Android platform must match an “off-the-shelf OS” along with “off-the-shelf components” to enable the best experience they can and thus side-by-side comparisons between Android and Apple devices are unable to score points to Android when it come to the user interface.

Thus apparently as the smartphone experience is in essence the UI this then is why the iPhone 5 will be such a big threat to Android basically others will find quite hard to match, as when it comes to the Android UI it is rusty.

Of course reporting that Apple is testing a quad core iPhone 5 doesn’t actually mean we will see that quad core iPhone 5 come out to play anytime soon, and well one should never count Android out of the game entirely, as I am sure Android will also progress.

Anyway, what do our readers think about all this, would a quad core iPhone 5 be able to smash Android if it were to appear?

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6 thoughts on “iPhone 5 features quad-core to smash Android”

  1. Rfestejo says:

    A quad core processor alone wouldn’t do it for me. I would also need for Apple to bump up their screen size. I hope they’re seriously testing that too. They can’t keep the existing design.

  2. Me says:

    So apple is the only smart phone maker allowed to use quad-core CPUs? What happens when Android phone makers start using the quad?  Apple is the GM of smart phones.  Jobs said it himself, “The people don’t know what they want until I tell them what they want”. They keep pushing the same design.  How long can apple keep such a small screen and still compete?

  3. Tim Schmidt says:

    There is already a Quad Core Android Tablet coming from Asus. It will be in Android phones soon too. I think Android will beat Apple to the quad core phone. That is not a reason to buy an Apple product for me though. I like the choice of handset configurations and manufacturers that Android offers. Apple does not offer that choice.

  4. Bobbymcfred says:

    The one coming to android is actually 5 cores, 4 main cores and one for background tasks… True apples ui can run smoother but there are many good custom roms for android if you want stability over features…

  5. Jlazeaski says:

    Samsung has a quad-core in alpha now, using their own quad-core and a graphics chip that is 4x faster than the current top of the line nexus. It’s due out in March of 2012 or so, they may push it back to release around the iPhone 5 timeline. It will sport a 5″ 2560×1600 Superamoled HD screen, quad-core cpu at 1.5 to 2.0ghz, 1.5GB ram, nfc/beam, more sensors, 14MP camera, and more. I am sure the iPhone 5 will be a very competitive product as well. From the rumors, they are testing two devices, the current iPhone 4S with slightly faster cpus and more memory but still dual-core and 3.5″ screen, and a quad-core with 4″ screen and reported 12MP camera. So we’ll see. Apple always says it’s their UI, not the hardware. I too can’t understand how people would not like the updated widgets and such on their home screen and use at least in my opinion a very simplistic boring same-old UI. It works for some, but there is a reason Android is now over 60% of smart phones and iPhone is around 25% or so. Well, there are many reasons to be fair.. price is probably the biggest, but android 4 UI is a very competitive update to anything apple has.

  6. 乃亜 印場 says:

    This doesn’t make a lot of sense.  Assuming Apple releases a Quad Core iPhone 5, they will certainly continue to support their OS on the iPhone 4 and 4S for some time to come.  This means they will have to support single core to quad core with a single OS.  

    They could follow multiple approaches, such as releasing separate kernels for different devices – which Android could of course do.  In fact, given the diversity of hardware on the Android side, if anything, we are more likely to see quad core devices there first.  Whether that is something that will be actually useful to consumers is another question entirely.  

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