Samsung Wave 525 & 533 Bada 2.0 update not happening

If you happen to own the Samsung Wave 525 or Samsung Wave 553 handsets and have been patiently waiting for Samsung to update your device to Bada 2.0 OS then unfortunately we have some disappointing news on that matter for you, the Bada 2.0 update is not happening for you.

Although old Sammy did confirmed that the Bada 2.0 OS update would release for all Samsung Wave devices according to the guys over at Sammyhub an email sent to Bada developer’s states Wave devices with WQVGA resolution will be placed into 2 groups, “Wave(WQVGA)” and “Wave(WQVGA)_bada1.1 only”

The word is that first group will get the Bada 2.0 OS update along with support for Bada 1.1 and 2.0 API including such devices as the Samsung Wave 575, Samsung Wave 578 and Samsung Wave 723.

The second group, which includes the Samsung Wave 525 and Samsung Wave 553 will only support the Bada 1.1 API, thus it looks like they will not be updated to Bada 2.0. However apparently to alleviate the disappointment a little, old Sammy has said they will deliver “Value pack upgrades,” which apparently will give the user an experience similar to that of Bada 2.0.

According to Samsung that “Value pack upgrade” has been designed to offer the same Bada 2.0 service and experience as closely as possible when taking into consideration the hardware limitations and is for devices that wont receive the Bada 2.0 update due to those hardware limitations such as available network speed and main chipset performance.

So there you have it, owners of the Wave 525 and 553 will not get the Bada 2.0 update but will get that Value Pack, so are you disappointed with this news?

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