Sprint Samsung Epic 4G update to fix signal problem: OTA

Samsung’s Galaxy S II smartphone is still proving a popular choice amongst new and existing Sammy customers, despite competition from Apple, Motorola, HTC and even LG. After waiting a few weeks to receive the impressive device, the US market received three different variants of the phone, one of which was for Sprint.

Named the Epic 4G Touch and carrying with it slight changes to that released outside of the US, feedback on the whole has been good despite one problem, an issue with “signal.”

Customers it seems have been frustrated with the lack of signal which at times can cause the handset to under perform, but a software fix update today may be about to rectify these problems. According to sprintfeed.com, software version S:D710.0.5S.EK02 will be coming to your handset, with an OTA update which in total could take up to ten minutes. Advice is to make sure that your phone is charged up at least half way if not more.

The US carrier Sprint have said that the update should be pushed out to almost everybody within a timescale of ten days, thankfully just before Christmas and New Year.

Let us know if you have already received the OTA update? If not tell us when you do and how your handset has improved?


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