Amazon Kindle Fire update release, are you complaining

Although the Amazon Kindle Fire, the first Android slate out of the Amazon camp received praise for its competitive price, there have apparently been quite a few complaints to do with the tablet, complaints that the Kindle Fire is somewhat jerky and sluggish along with complaints that web page loading takes a while and other complaints of that ilk.

However according to an article over on Apple Insider, Amazon have apparently said they are aware of the complains and have said they will be pushing out a software update for the Amazon Kind Fire to address some user complaints.

There have been numerous complaints about the Amazon Kindle Fire including there being a lack of privacy on the slate whilst parents have apparently complained there are no parental controls and thus enables children to make purchase or even access pornography.

The word is Drew Herdener, a spokesman for Amazon informed The New York Times that an over the air update for the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet will appear in “less than two weeks,” and that said update will include the ability to edit the recent activity list for greater privacy, multi-touch navigation, and performance improvements.

So there you have it if you own an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet you can expect a software update to hit your Android slate sometime within the next two weeks, although it isn’t too clear whether the update will sort out all those complaints.

So we’d like to know if you have been complaining about the Amazon Kindle Fire and if so what’s your main gripe with the device? Fell free to share your gripes to our comments area below.

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