Apple iPad 3 now possibly arriving in March or April

The other day we reported on a rumour that the next generation iOS slate, presumably the Apple iPad 3 could possibly be coming in the February of 2012, you can check out that article by hitting up (here). However the latest piece of speculation suggests that the Apple iPad 3 might arrive a little later than that February rumour.

According to the guys over at Slash Gear by way of DigiTimes, the next generation iPad is expected to arrive in three to four months time according to Apple iPad component makers as they have started shipping parts for the next iOS slate to OEM contactors for assembly.

Apparently Apple’s old favourite Foxconn will kick off production of the iPad 3 in January whilst ramping up production in February.

Word is according to unnamed supply chain sources; the next generation iPad will be produced in volumes of 9.5 million to 9.8 million in Q1 of 2012 and also estimates for the Apple iPad 2 are likely to reach 40 million units for the total of 2011.

Apparently production of the Apple iPad 2 will continue at 14 to 15 million units for Q4 of 2011 and reduce to 4 to 5 million in Q1 of 2012 thus making way for the next new iOS tablet.

Again one does have to note that the source article doesn’t refer to the new iPad as the iPad 3 but rather the next generation iPad and thus there is a possibility that the next generation iPad could turn out to be an upgraded iPad 2 rather than a full blown Apple iPad 3, much like we saw with the iPhone 4S rather than the full on iPhone 5.

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