Best iPhone Speaker Dock: 8-foot Behringer iNuke

Now most iOS users are into their music in a big way, but just how big would you want your iPhone speaker dock is another question. However it appears that award-winning innovator of affordable professional music and audio equipment Behringer has come up with a rather giant sized iPhone speaker dock called the iNuke Boom.

According to the guys over at 9to5 Mac, Behringer plans of showing off the iNuke Boom during CES 2012 and is a one-off especially built for the occasion and is the size of a refrigerator.

Apparently the Behringer iNuke Boom iPhone speaker dock is 8 foot x 4 foot and weighs in at a hefty 700 pounds and pushed out an ear busting 10,000 Watts of power and costs a staggering $29,999.99, so just as well it’s a one off really.

Have to say the iNuke Boom couldn’t really be classed as a portable iPhone, iPod, Apple iPad speaker dock unless you have a truck to transport it around, and a truck load of spare dollars to hand over if you really wanted one.

I know Apple likes to do things big but Behringer has gone a little over the top with this one I think, I mean just take a look at that iPhone sitting in the dock, looks kind of ridiculous doesn’t it? So what do you think, would you want an iNuke Boom for your iOS smartphone, or do you think that perhaps it’s going just a little overboard?

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