Nokia N9 vs Lumia 800 start-up tests, iPhone 4S included

So when it comes to Nokia’s first Windows Phone, the Nokia Lumia 800 does the smartphone have a faster start-up time when compared to the MeeGo packing Nokia N9 as updates don’t always deliver faster set-up times, or for that matter how both Nokia devices compare against the iPhone 4S? Well we have a couple of videos for your viewing pleasure below that answer that question for you.

There are three videos in all that come our way courtesy of the guys over at My Nokia Blog, the first pitting the Nokia Lumia 800 against the Nokia N9 in a start-up test, the second pits the iPhone 4S against the Nokia Lumia 800 in a boot up test, and the third pits the Nokia N9 against the iOS smartphone in a boot up test.

So first off how does the Nokia Lumia 800 compare with the Nokia N9, well the Lumia 800 does indeed start up extremely quickly although the narrator does say he has seen another video where both Nokia devices start-up even quicker with the Lumia 800 at 14 seconds and the N9 at 37 seconds.

However, just how well do the two Nokia handsets stand up to the iPhone 4S when it comes to that start up time? Well I’ll simply let you head on down to hit those play buttons to find out if the Nokia Lumia 800, Nokia N9 or the iPhone 4S comes out on top…enjoy.

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5 thoughts on “Nokia N9 vs Lumia 800 start-up tests, iPhone 4S included”

  1. I just want one of them. Nokia should give me one of these mobiles because I am working to change people mind in the USA about Nokia. All the around me like Iphone and Android but I am the only one and my family stay tied with Nokia. I used to have Nokia 6600 and 7610 in Iraq, then I bought n73 to my brother. In 2008 I bought n95 8GB in Syria in Tartous. When I came to America I used to have 5800XP then c3 touch and type I bought it from USA Nokia website. Now I have n8 and It’s wonderful. I want N9 or Lumia 800. I love Nokia because they are trying to develop the best phones for us. Thanks

    1. Thebrowntimes says:

      Nah man. Android is a bloated system. It’s not as fluent, requires much more attention, much more fragile and millions of other things. The one thing  symbian, meego and windows phone have incredibly is reliability.. They don’t require a huge prcessor either in order to create a fluid experience.  The samsung galaxy sII hads a dual core, but still lags. Iphone doesn’t lag, but the OS is as simplistic as you get

  2. Theway says:

    Always go for the old school. Seriously, if you need a dual cpu to run an OS comparing to 600MHz to run an OS, this will only mean the dual cpu phone is really bad and requires more energy to run the required OS. It’s not about cpu neither ram to make a good phone. It’s about how reliable and how responsive is the phone, even you are on 400MHz phone.

    Just watch most of dual cpu phones have heat problems.

    By the way, windows 7 (on my desktop) doesn’t need more than 1 GHz and 512 ram. How in the world these phones have higher requirements just to run less complicated operating system??!

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