Skyrim Dragon Shout iOS app, complete map

If you are an iOS gamer out there into playing the popular role-play game Skyrim and in need of a map to keep tabs on your markers along with keeping an eye on other players markers so you know who is purchasing dragon scales at the best price, or what epic battles have been fought, there’s an app available that can do that called Skyrim Dragon Shout.

The Dragon Shout app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad enables the user to create a Dragon Shout account and bring the Skyrim community together by adding member to your own party, and enables you to create special markers, battles, items and quests.

The Dragon Shout app for iOS features an integrated chat that enables the user to chat will all who use the Dragon Shout app, a searchable website delivering a complete map of markers, filter out markers to make things easier, and much more, and there is even a full text search option coming soon.

So for those that wish to make their markers public to share with others in the Skyrim community, you can download the Dragon Shout app for your iPhone, iPod Touch or Apple iPad running iOS 3.1 or above as a free download by hitting up iTunes.

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