Apple iPad 2 takes a dip in hot lava: video

Not so much for the iOS faithful out there but more for the Android faithful that simply adore watching Apple devices bite the dust in an unusual and destroying way we have a little Christmas video gift for your viewing pleasure today whereby you can sit back and enjoy an Apple iPad 2 bursting into flames as it takes a nice dip in some lava.

The video we have for our Android readers amusement comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Technobuffalo and by way of ZooGue, the makers of iPhone and Apple iPad cases and shows ZooGue CEO Tim Angel taking a trip to Hawaii.

The reason for Tim’s trip to Hawaii is so he can take an Apple iPad 2 and dip it in a hot lava stream to see what happens. Obviously when you put the Apple iPad 2 head to head with molten lava it’s fairly obvious who is going to come out better off.

Apparently the burning of an Apple iPad 2 stunt was to advertise a free iPhone 4S Social Shell Case promo, but you’ll note that the video footage doesn’t actually have a single ZooGue product in it, which is kind of strange considering it’s a promotion.

Anyway, for those that simply love watching Apple gear being obliterated, head on down and mast that play button and check out the demise of an iPad 2 via molten lava…enjoy.

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