Motorola Droid Razr update: ICS 4.0 hopefuls

The smartphone that brings two famous brand names together, the Motorola Droid RAZR hasn’t been out all that long and like most new smartphone it comes with a few teething bugs, something that Motorola is well aware of and reports have it that old Moto has a soak test prepared which will hit the mobile space quite soon.

However, although there might be a new Motorola Droid RAZR update in the making, according to the guys over at Droid-life, if you are an owner of the Motorola Droid RAZR and getting your hopes up that the update will deliver a taste of Android 4.0, you can think again.

Apparently according to Motorola, any update to Android Ice Cream Sandwich for any Motorola device is likely to be quite a way off, approximately four to six months away to be more precise, so it looks like Motorola Android fans can expect a rather long wait to play nice with the latest Android OS from the Google guys.

As for the aforementioned Motorola Droid RAZR update, well apparently its is expected to be just a fixer of bugs, and we’ll let you know when the update becomes available, but as for your ICS hopes, it appears they have been dashed for the time being.

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6 thoughts on “Motorola Droid Razr update: ICS 4.0 hopefuls”

  1. Tim Schmidt says:

    My guess is the long wait for an update has nothing to do with Motorola. It has everything to do with a deal between Samsung & Verizon for the Nexus. Thye (Samsung) want the Nexus to have exclusivity with ICS to drive sales of the handset so I am sure there was somthing signed.between the behemoth companies to that effect. But, Verizon has flubbed the launch of the Samsung Nexus so bad now, I don’t know if they are going to get the sales they were expecting anyway. #Verizonfail

  2. Damon Aldora says:

    that stinks that I won’t be able to get Ice Cream Sandwich for a while. I
    haven’t really had too many issues with my Droid Razr. Other than a few bugs
    here and there, I love this phone! I have had a blast using LTE on this phone.
    Streaming and downloading is quick and instant! The main app that I use for my
    streaming is the DISH Remote Access app from DISH Network. It is cool because
    it lets me stream live TV or recorded shows from my receiver that’s connected
    to a Sling Adapter. I used to use this app on my original Droid, but Verizon’s
    3G was really slow, but now that they have their LTE network up and running, I
    stream everywhere now! As a customer and employee of DISH, I have had a lot of
    time to play with the app, and now that I’ve tried it using LTE, TV is that
    much better! I hope that Ice Cream Sandwich update comes fast!

  3. sjskent says:

    Love the phone but it does need a bug fix release! Im happy to know also that ICS is confirmed for this phone. It will ROCK once the bugs and kinks are worked out.

  4. Stupid Lil Monkey says:

    They at Motorola should give us a updated phone since they failed to keep their word on update to is. That’s only reason I bought the phone.

  5. Lycan Lock says:

    I changed my iphone 4 to droid razr and was happy at first…
    The reason i switched was because i didnt want to be forced into using itunes to instal apps and music, all i do now is plug and play just like a flash-drive, throw my music in and my uninstalled apps which i can install on the phone through an installation software.


    BUT.. The Droid sure lags and bugs and thats what i missed with the iphone.

    When ICS was released, i was really lifted knowing that i might finally get rid of them excessive lags and bugs but got bummed later on knowing i wont have it until march..

    Hell i read in another article that it might get delayed to june  🙁

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